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1300 SEK

We produce some of the best muzzle brakes there is on the market. We always try to explorer new ways to make better products and our last two brakes is a result of doing so.

This is an extra small hunting muzzle brake that still dampen the recoil so effectively that you stay on target after the shot. 

It's a brake that won't give you hearing damage when shooting in closed environments! 

It will work with any barrel less than φ18mm behind the barrel thread. All brakes are blasted and painted with Cerakote to give the brake a nice and resistance black surface.

Made from stainless stel - Duplex!

Model S is optimal for cal 6.5 - .30, this model has small holes so it's easy to recognize.  

Model L is optimal for .338 - 9.3  

Weight - 55 gram depending of caliber ant thread

Length - 50 mm

Diameter - 22mm 

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