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EXIT Muzzle brake

EXIT Muzzle brake
2000 SEK

We produce some of the best muzzle brakes there is on the market. We always try to explorer new ways to make better products and our last two brakes is a result of doing so. 

If you are a bolt rifle shooter that likes hunting or long range shooting we got the right brake for you. One of our newest design is a brake that does what no other brakes does! 

This one will not spray your spotters scope with dust, it won't give you hearing damage and it will still dampen the recoil so effective that you can see your bullet ily through the air!

It's called - EXIT 

It will work with any barrel less than φ22mm behind the barrel thread. All brakes with threads are  glass blasted to give the brake a nice and resistance surface. 

Made from stainless stel - Duplex!

Weight - 80 gram depending of caliber

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